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Warming Pads with SILVERGUARD­®  Technology

SILVERGUARD® fabric technology is safe and efficient in diminishing odors, promoting freshness, and extending the life-cycle of a product by attacking bacteria   and other destructive microorganisms.

  • Variable heat control
  • Silicone sand provides radiant heat (14” x 23” pad only)
  • Enhance donor comfort, keep donors/patients warm & comfortable
  • Great for Apheresis, Oncology, blood donation and dialysis
  • Reduce Apheresis treatment time
  • Auto safety shutoff
  • 11 foot cord (14” x 23”) for ease of use

#20631-002 14" X 23"

#20631-004 18" x 36"

IV Pole

7/8”x 36” Pole can be used with any corner or armrest mounts.


"T" Adapter

Used with the IV or TV pole. Slip over pole to allow the use of a utility tray.



USB Outlet

Two USB ports allow donors to power their smart phones and tablets.


Flip-up Armrest

Designed to keep isle space clear while allowing donors to easily access the donor lounge. Adjustable height.


#20611-865 (Upgrade)

Swivel Armrest

Designed to increase donor comfort. Allows donor to move arm to a more comfortable position during Apheresis.


#20611-864 (Upgrade)

Additional Armrest

Includes an armrest assembly and drawstring cover for easy replacement. Easily moves to another mount for right or left draws.


Extra Padding on Armrest


Drop-down Tray

11”x 10” drop down tray allows for a convenient shelf when needed. Folds down flush with lounge when not in use.


Square Pillow

Snaps onto lounge. Can be removed when not needed.


J Rod

Stainless steel J rod allows the use of attachable scale (scale not provided).


J Rod Mounting Block

Aluminum mounting block for use with J rod.


Heavy Duty Clear Protective Armrest Cover

Clear removable cover helps protect the armrest. The non porous surface allows for easy cleaning. Closes with Velcro and adjusts to thickness of padding.


Clear Protective Cover (set )

One set of clear covers, used on the head and foot of the lounge to protect the cushions from excessive wear and damage. Snaps allow for easy installation and cleaning.

#28206-005 (20” Space Saver)

#28206-006 (24” Space Saver)

#28206-007 (Hampton)

Armrest Cover w/Drawstring

Cover uses the same material as your lounge. Drawstring armrest covers are easy to clean and replace.


Armrest Attachment Tray

Add onto an existing armrest. Total shelf space is 10”x 5”.


Armrest Mounts

Left and Right armrest mounts attach to the lounge to increase lounge configurations. Armrest mounts also hold DVD and IV poles giving you the flexibility that you need.

#20611-805R (Right)

#20611-805L (Left)

Utility Tray (Armrest mount)

17”x 13” utility tray allows for a stable work station. Uses existing armrest or corner mounts for easy adjustability.


Corner Mount

Corner mounts can be used with IV and TV poles

#20611-001 (Spacesaver)

#20615-001 (Hampton)

Privacy Screens

ASI table top privacy screens are light weight, durable and easy to clean. Offered in Bi-Fold or Tri-Fold configurations these screens allow for convenient setup and storage.

# 20621-002 Black Plastic Bi-Fold

24” high x 36” wide

# 20621-003 White Plastic Bi-Fold  24” high x 36” wide

# 20621-004 Black Plastic Bi-Fold   24” high x 48” wide

# 20621-005 White Plastic Bi-Fold  24” high x 48” wide

# 20621-006 Black Plastic Tri-Fold   24” high x 54” wide

# 20621-007 White Plastic Tri-Fold  24” high x 54” wide

# 20621-008 Black Plastic Tri-Fold   24” high x 72” wide

# 20621-009 White Plastic Tri-Fold  24” high x 72” wide

Privacy Screen Carrying Case

Protect your screens with our rip-stop carrying cases.

# 20621-010 24” x 18” - Blue rip-stop fabric (Holds 2 Tri-3 Bi)

# 20621-011 24” x 18” - Black rip-stop fabric (Holds 2 Tri-3 Bi)

# 20621-012 24” x 24” - Blue rip-stop fabric (Holds 2 Tri-3 Bi)

# 20621-013 24” x 24” - Black rip-stop fabric (Holds 2 Tri-3 Bi)


IV Bag Holder

Used on top of the IV Pole to hold 2 IV bags.


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